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Shimmerville News

This month's charity is the American Humane nonprofit organization! They're committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. We were able to donate 23% of our November profits, equaling a $75 donation! Better news is it was matched, so the donation is doubled! Thank you all for participating and hopefully next month will give more to the next charity!

- Lou, Owner of Shimmerville

Thanksgiving Drop Party!

[Owner] Lou aOwner posted Nov 20, 17

 Thank you all for being a part of this community, we'll be having a drop party on Thursday, November 23rd at 3PM CST!

The drop party will include god items, ranks, and tons of loot and everyone will get a piece of the pumpkin pie!

So stop on by and let us wine and dine ya!

-Owner of Shimmerville, Lou

Whoa, where's my rank? D:

[Owner] Lou aOwner posted Nov 4, 17

Wondering where your rank went?

Don't worry, we have records of most of your rank promotions, and we should be able to give them back as soon as you ask a staff member.

Message the Owner, Placebo, on either Discord or Enjin, with a receipt of your purchase or any comprehensible proof of your previously existing rank, and you'll receive it back!

I check my Enjin messages twice a day and I'm usually always on Discord, so the fastest way to contact me is via Discord.

Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon so we can go back to enjoying our time on the server! See you all soon!

- Lou, Owner of Shimmerville

We're open!

[Owner] Lou aOwner posted Nov 3, 17

♥♥♥ The server goes live at 12PM CST today! Join us for some first day fun! ♥♥♥


[Owner] Lou aOwner posted Oct 24, 17

The server will be ready soon!......

[Helper] HoneyPhantomhive Can’t wait!! :DDD
[Super] Forbidden69 Still Lurking............ Keep us Posted :)
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